Friday, 19 August 2011

Initial Jitters

Date: Feb'2009

All of a sudden the Boy asked.
B: What type of a Boy are you looking for?

G: (irritated) What type of question is this?

B: Answer na.

G: Huh.

B: Means what characteristics are you looking in a Boy of your choice?

G: I don’t believe in Love and all the crap. But still what I would like in my Husband would be :

     1st criteria: He should be 6ft.

B: (I am out then). Anything else (with a heavy heart)?

G:  Umm..  He should be Composed like my Father and Understanding like my Mother.

B: (WTF). Okk. I thought you would say something about your brother too(with a smirk).

G: Oh yeah. A bit naughty like him.

B: (for a change I fit somewhere). Got it. BTW what is your height?

G: 5ft 7 inches.

B: (instantly calculated 5ft 7inches=170cms as if his life depended on this)  Heaved a Sigh of relief...

G: What happened?

B: I thought you are taller than me.

G: What is your height?

B: 175cm (very proudly).

G: Ok. Anyways what type of Girl would you like to be your wife?

B: Umm Amm She should be simple, tall, obviously Hindu, having a nice smile.( All her characteristics).

G: Wow. Have you found one yet?

B: No my previous relationship was a disaster. So, I am taking some time off(what a lame excuse).

G: Oh yeah you mentioned that earlier.

B: Hmmm. Neways gotta go now. My fuchkas are waiting for me to be gulped down. Will talk later.

G: Yeah bye.
Instantly, the Boy tried to remember her smile when she was in school. Forgot to tell you that they were classmates till 10th. After that, the Girl went to Sambalpur as her Father got transferred there and the Boy remained in the same school. They came in contact after 5 n half years when the Girl contacted him as she contacted everyone else. The date was 1st Jan, 2009 12.20 am approximately.  That was the start of their friendship. They never thought they would become so good friends in so short span of time. 

Flashes of her smile buzzed the Boy’s memory. It can’t be described in words. So pure and pristine. It sparked a tingling sensation in him. What was happening to him? He never looked at her in School and now just her smile is causing so many ripples inside his heart. God only knew what was going to happen? 
Let’s just say that the Boy also knew what he would have liked to happen.


  1. abe sale tera yeh naam "Sam" kab se aur kaise pada??

  2. @Soumitrie: Sam naam se main CS khelta tha..wahi daal diya aur kya?

  3. @Brainstorm: Do I know you?